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One of the greatest benefits with Tilemark is its flexibility. Because of the seamless digital transition from design concept to carved tile, there’s simply no end to the design possibilities. And we can’t wait to see the beautiful tiles that will result when architects and designers unleash their creativity.

Historically, mankind has been compelled to convey messages and artwork to future generations. And one of the most efficient ways to do this was by making carvings in stone.

All of this became much easier, of course, with the invention of paper, writing and printing. But Tilemark still believes in the value of carvings in natural materials.

Now, using the Tilemark machine and vector-based SVG files, it is possible to create carvings that used to take weeks or months, in just an hour or two!

So unleash your creativity and find out what a floor or wall will look like with any design you have in mind. Or discover the ultimate carved logotype for a banking office. In a music school, why not carve the lyrics of a Bob Dylan song onto wall tiles, using the perfect font?

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