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Trace – Four patterns developed by Form Us With Love

With new, endless possibilities for carving any image imaginable, Swedish design studio Form Us With Love, set out to explore! The first step was creating the collection, Trace, which consists of four different patterns – String, Stream, Stroke and Stick. All are drawn by hand to highlight the tooling’s precision.

The Trace collection is a perfectly balanced selection of unique, modern, complementary designs. Stick consists of shorter fine lines, String enhances clustered thin lines, Stream focuses on thicker, more defined lines and Stroke displays the beauty of voluminous, bolder lines.

The collection can be scaled and rotated. Then, by repeating, zooming in, turning out or enlarging the patterns, new ways of combining the designs are discovered—resulting in a unique wall or floor creation every time!

The randomness and speed of these hand drawings are captured in the tiles, resulting in unique and unexpected expressions, along with a gentle, human touch on otherwise durable, hard surfaces.


String                                                                         Stream



Stroke                                                                         Stick



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