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Frequently asked questions

Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

– Which markets do you deliver to?
We currently only offer delivery within the EU.

– How fast can I get my Tilemark tiles?
Our delivery time is between 8 and 12 weeks. If you need a quicker delivery, please contact us. Air transport or railway transport solutions are offered for at an additional cost.

– How much do Tilemark tiles cost?
Approximately 125 €/m2 + delivery costs.

– What should I do if I discover that a tile was damaged during delivery?
You should contact Tilemark as soon as possible and provide a photo documenting the damages. We will then contact you to resolve the problem and discuss possible compensation.

– Where are Tilemark tiles manufactured?
All of our production is currently based in China.

– What glaze colors does Tilemark offer?
Ivory, Grey, Sand Yellow, Brown and Midnight Blue.

– How do I install Tilemark tiles?
The installation process is essential to getting the best possible final results. That is why we always recommend that you hire a professional tiler for such work.

Before getting started, unpack all of the tiles and inspect them to ensure that nothing was damaged during delivery. Lay everything out first on the floor, to ensure placement of each tile during the installation. Each package contains an instruction manual and the drawing of your specific tile design.

When tiling, it is important to install the tiles with a joint width of 1.5-2.0 mm. All Tilemark tiles are custom made and our tiles have a tolerance of 1.5-2.0 mm joint width. The design precision could otherwise be compromised and come out looking skewed if you do not use the correct joint width.

The foundation that Tilemark is installed on needs to be correctly prepped and it must provide an adhesive between the wall/floor and the tiles.

The choice of adhesive depends on the underlying foundation. Consult an experienced tiler to ensure that the correct adhesive is used for your specific installation.

Our recommendations on sealants: indoors, we recommend jointless. If desired, the joints may be silicone-based. Outdoors, we always recommend using a sealant that is silicone-based. We recommend that joints are the same color as the carved clay.

Tilemark is not responsible for incorrect installations. Tilemark does not offer tile installation services. We recommend that you consult an experienced professional for such purposes.

– How do I maintain my Tilemark wall/floor installation?
Regular maintenance is done using a wet mop with a weak alkaline detergent (pH 8-9). If the floor/wall become heavily soiled, use a detergent of PH 12-13.

Matte granite ceramic surface should never be treated with wax, polish, tile oil or similar solutions.

Tiles should never be cleaned with greasy floor products such as soap, wax or similar.

If tiles become damaged after installation, contact a professional tiler to see if the damage can be fixed, or if the tiles need to be replaced.

– Where can I find more information about the furniture displayed in your hotel and hospital renderings?
Furniture by ARTEK. Please visit www.artek.fi.

– Where can I find more information about the furniture displayed in your station rendering?
Furniture by SANTA & COLE. Please visit www.santacole.com

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