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Contemporary craftsmanship and tiles for the 21st century

Tilemark is a Swedish brand combining the love of design with timeless qualities and new innovations. Tilemark is all about tiles. Tiles have been used in buildings and as decoration for many centuries. We merge this classic expression with modern technology and new designs. Tilemark offers tiles for the 21st century!

The founder of Tilemark, Michael Hammar, was on a business trip to China when he stumbled upon a collection of tiles that he simply fell in love with. They were beautiful, the design could be adapted to customer requirements and the quality was great! Yet because they were handmade, they were also expensive. Michael could not stop thinking about them, and he soon came up with a new idea and vision for offering these gorgeous tiles to new markets and audiences with the help of new technology. The vision for Tilemark is to create beautiful surroundings that will endure the test of time.

But that’s just the beginning of the Tilemark story. After a long product development and design process, the original idea has been redefined and refined. The final result is a design and production line with almost endless possibilities for customization. With new technology and modern machines, we can now create patterns and designs according to almost any wish or demand.

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