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Tilemark – Contemporary craftsmanship and tiles for the 21st century

Tilemark is a Swedish brand offering carved tiles. In collaboration with Form Us With Love, we have developed a collection of patterns and symbols for architects and designers

Tilemark was founded on the belief that it is possible to merge an ancient technique with the latest technology. Our uniqueness lies in combining modern manufacturing processes, logistics and designs with a traditional expression. Our new design application enables architects, designers and artists to create personalized tile designs for any interior or exterior project. Tilemark offers tiles for the 21st century – we call it Contemporary Craftsmanship!

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This is Tilemark

Watch the story behind the invention. Explore the collaboration with Form Us With Love. Hear the reactions from the launch at Stockholm Furniture & Light 2017.

Free Vector

Tilemark enables seamless transition from digital print to physical product - carving any free vector onto the durable surface of a ceramic tile.


Developed by Form Us With Love - Trace includes four different patterns — String, Stream, Stroke and Stick — drawn by hand to highlight the tooling’s precision.


A Pictogram library, containing minimalistic icons, suitable for any context. We hope to inspire designers and architects to explore it themselves.